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Wordless Wednesday 2013.07.31

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Harry vs the chicken nuggets

Just because i feel like posting some pics of our Bear, from the day i took him to his 15-month appointment (oh, i should post the stats!) and then having lunch before picking up Kuya Jack.. SO CUTE..

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I took Jack to get his allergies checked, and it wasn’t as bad a test as i was thinking. Initially I thought there would be this whole 4×4 board of needles that they would press into his back, and he … Continue reading

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He keeps growing up..

Yet another sign our Jackso is getting bigger and enjoys doing things by himself. I know he gets excited when he’s able to do things on his own now

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Wordless Wednesday 2013.07.24

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Gettin a bit frustrated Harry?

Funny little video of the Bear not being able to climb up onto the black cube at the moment..really bear?

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Day out with Thomas the train

Made the trek over to St Thomas, to see Thomas the train live and in person, it wasn’t too bad but (to me) also a one-time deal. Weather was great (no more extreme heat alert!), but apart from the train … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Birthday

So yesterday Michelle and I took the day off and celebrated my birthday with the boys. We were deciding on what indoor place to go to, since we were under an extreme heat alert, but in the end i thought … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 2013.07.17

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Career Round: 77 @ Bloomington Downs!

Had a career round at Bloomington Downs this past Sunday playing with Buck, Reach and Gerdie. Ok it was Bloomington Downs, with a shorter course than i usually play (~6000 yards), but hey 77 is amazing! I would lie if … Continue reading

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