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Playing (or sliding?) in the snow

You gotta love how kids find the simplest things amusing and fun. Yesterday, while we were at Blue Mountain, we took Jackso out to play in the snow. By ‘play’ it meant wrapping him up in his new snowpants, his … Continue reading

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2012 Goal setting

Ok here they are, my list of personal goals for 2012. At the very least i will accomplish all these goals, if not more. They are also lised on my GOALS page so i can easily refer to them and … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ninong Buck!!

He’s turning the big 2-9 today (lol i thought it was 30 for some reason.) and we went to visit him and Candy and their friends up at Blue Mountain yesterday. Tough drive coming home from the Blue, the 410 … Continue reading

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Just an early morning Sunday video of Jackso, showing off his exercising skills (thanks Lola!).

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2012 Running schedule

So i’ve started to put together a run schedule for 2012 and have already signed up for 3 of them, including my goal run at the end of the season! With baby #2 on the way in April, i have … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 2012.01.25

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Going crazy riding that horse…

Ok ok, another easy post, (i admit, i’ve been slacking lately..) but this one is of Jackso and how he rides his toy horse. Let’s just say that tonight, he fell off it while buckin the bronco..

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Wordless Wednesday 2012.01.18

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Playing catch with Daddy!!

Ok so everyone that knows me, knows that I’m a huge sports fan and love to play sports. Now that we have Jackso, of course i’m naturally inclined to get him into sports and i can’t wait to drive him … Continue reading

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Falling off the bed while sleeping….check.

Ok so this is not something to boast about but it is blog-worthy..last night Michelle and I were watching the final episode of Breaking Bad Season 3..and we heard a thud! from upstairs. Immediately we looked at each other and … Continue reading

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