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Vid: Another laughing moment

Just can’t get enough of these, priceless I have no idea what he’s laughing at..

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I had no idea who or what Sophie the giraffe was until we went to the BabyTime show. Apparently it’s a toy that you can give babies/toddlers and it helps them ‘develop’ in some ways. From the manufacturer’s website: “Born … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – 2010.11.24

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Happy Birthday Joy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOY (or EDEL)! So today is Joy’s milestone birthday (The Durrrty Th…) and on the weekend a bunch of us went to 168 all-you-can-eat sushi to celebrate. Have to say, the sushi tasted real good since the last … Continue reading

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hydraSense to the rescue!

Thanks to Connie/Yvonne/Jen for pointing us in the Hydrasense direction for alleviating Jack’s runny/stuffy nose! I went to Walmart to look at this Hydrasense product but there were 3 kinds to choose from (nasal drops, aspirator, spray)…and the funny thing … Continue reading

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First fight with a cold

Last night we noticed that Jack had a bit of ‘liquid’ coming out of his nose and I thought it was just some residue he accidentally wiped there while flailing his mouth-hungry hands into his face. But, as the night … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – 2010.11.17

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Vid: Tickling his feet

Just putting up a quick vid I shot last night of Mr. Jack before i changed the diaper (Gotta keep him in a good mood when changing, otherwise accidents happen!!). Gotta love 0:14 when he gets really ticklish lol! ..Oh..and … Continue reading

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The front-to-back roll

So i’ve read on a couple baby sites that a baby can, potentially, roll from front-to-back as early as 3 months. To roll the other way, back-to-front, requires a bit more neck and arm strength and typically occurs around month … Continue reading

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Quick (end of) week recap

So this week was quite busy for our Sandico clan. From a Raptors game to a spontaneous trip to Buffalo (again), we had lots to do and it ain’t over yet! Wednesday: I took Lynne to her first ever Raptors … Continue reading

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