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Is this the next Tiger?

I remember doing a similar post for Jackso, but this time Hare Bear is in the spotlight…take a look at him holding a big boy club (training aid..), is he the next Tiger or just too damn cute?

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Career Round: 77 @ Bloomington Downs!

Had a career round at Bloomington Downs this past Sunday playing with Buck, Reach and Gerdie. Ok it was Bloomington Downs, with a shorter course than i usually play (~6000 yards), but hey 77 is amazing! I would lie if … Continue reading

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Golf Rounds 2012

Few and far between. Period. But completely understandable (now) because having 2 kids so close in this age, is tough to get away from for 5-6 hours. I’ve played 8 rounds this year…wow, actually more than i thought, with … Continue reading

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The next Tiger Woods..or Phil Mickelson?

Ok, so here’s a video of Jackso hitting a golf ball in the backyard… he the next Tiger Woods? or even Happy Gilmour? A few seconds into the video, he’ll switch to his other side and pretend to be Phil … Continue reading

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Annual Sandico Classic 2012

Perfect weather for this year’s annual Sandico golf game. Dad’s first game of the year and Buck coming off a recent victory against me head-to-head over 9 holes on his bachelor party. But check out the end result 😉 Venue: … Continue reading

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Golf Season 2012..the Majors

So, we’ve finally had 2 majors so far this year…it’s been extremely difficult to get the 4 of us out at the same time due to personal commitments.. and the results have been identical for the first 2 rounds….damnit. Major … Continue reading

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1st golf round of 2012

Course: Riverstone G.C Score: 91 Tees: Blues Current Handicap: 17.4 What can i say? First round of the year…2 days before my second son was born. What timing. Michelle’s got great instincts This course was pretty good, or extremely good for … Continue reading

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17th round of 2011 ..I snuck one in..

Course: Glen Abbey G.C. Score: 108 Tees: Golds! Current Handicap: 17.9 Gotta love my wife for letting me play one more time this year…and it was Glen Abbey no doubt! Fortunately B and I got to use our PrivPlay membership … Continue reading

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16th (and last!) round of 2011

Course: Mill Run G.C. (Grist-Wheel) Score: 92 Tees: Blues Current Handicap: 17.8 Season Handicap: 17.9 (scoring avg 89.9!) Final round of the 2011 season in the bag (pun intended). Finished triple-triple to shoot a 92 today, should’ve broken 90 to make … Continue reading

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15th golf round of 2011

Course: Caledon Country Club Score: 93 Tees: Whites Current Handicap: 17.9 Fall golf at it’s finest. Cold, crisp air and leaves on the ground making it hard to find our ball. Tie that with a golf course showing the Fall colours … Continue reading

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