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Learning to pray

Here’s a video of Jackso saying the Hail Mary..and then Jackso and Hare Bear..umm..he’s learning too i think

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Harry vs the Alphabet

Harry wins.

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Harry gettin’ down

Video of the Bear enjoying his fave song at the moment, one of the songs (‘Wotless‘) from our St Lucia trip and from Ed and Cheryl’s wedding..did he get these moves from his Mama?

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Video: Shake your booty

Where did he learn this? Oh. Em. Gee. Dancer in the making? Love it.

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Video: Boys reading books

Just a couple short videos of the boys reading their dinosaur books..or well J is ..and H is doing whatever Kuya Jack does In vid #2, listen to Harry call his bro lol.

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Humpty Dumpty Jackso

Love the latest video..or is it rendition?

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“Hey Jackso, wanna help Daddy shovel?”

“Ok Daddy!” So during this last snowstorm we had, we got stuck getting into the driveway since the snow piled on so high. So what did we do? I parked the car in front of the driveway, we threw on … Continue reading

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Checkin’ out the Ontario Science Centre!

Here’s to a fun day out, courtesy of Joy and Kevin, and also a meetup with our good friends Nicky, Jessica and Jen! Let the pics tell the story..and one vid at the end. ..and the vid of J messing … Continue reading

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Air Bear

First vid of the Bear actually getting air on his jumps…waiit for it…wait…

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Family getaway to Big Blue!

So after New Year’s and all the holiday gatherings/get-togethers, we decided to take a family getaway to Blue Mountain, and enjoy some time with the kids around all the snow (and cold!) and just hang out in the village. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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