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A visit to Reptilia

Let’s just say, look for deals to come here and don’t pay full price. Groupon, or one of those deal sites usually has 2-for-1 so grab em if you plan on coming here. Lots of snakes and reptiles and probably … Continue reading

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Dino week at school, and a (funny) activity

I picked up J from school one day a couple weeks ago, and noticed this in their classroom. Made my day

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Oakville 10k Run 2012

This year’s run was pretty chilly…like 8C chilly. This time around, i went ahead of the family (since the run started at 7:30am!) and they stayed home a bit longer to keep warmer and met me at the finish line … Continue reading

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Day of Birth Day

Another year gone by, another year to look forward to…and what an AMAZING year to look back to. The Hare Bear, a new house, getting a taste of consulting (and becoming one of the lead consultants), a new job (ok … Continue reading

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Harry Davis has entered the building!

Welcome to the world Harry Davis Nuqui Sandico! Weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz , he was like a sprinter to the finish line. Why? Heres the story: Michelle started to feel contractions at 2 am on Easter Sunday, … Continue reading

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2012 Goal setting

Ok here they are, my list of personal goals for 2012. At the very least i will accomplish all these goals, if not more. They are also lised on my GOALS page so i can easily refer to them and … Continue reading

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2012 Running schedule

So i’ve started to put together a run schedule for 2012 and have already signed up for 3 of them, including my goal run at the end of the season! With baby #2 on the way in April, i have … Continue reading

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2011 Goals Recap

Well, now that 2011 is over, I can look back to the goals i set for myself at the beginning of the year and see how i did. Since I started writing down my goals, it’s been easier to look … Continue reading

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An early feel-good Friday

These past few weeks have been super, crazy, i-can’t-breathe type of busy and my head feels like it’s going to explode and the pressure is going to beat me….BUT…i step back and watch videos like these and for a moment, … Continue reading

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Changing to HSBC..the world’s local bank

What is up with the big banks these days? Canadian big banks anyway? I’ve been a loyal customer of CIBC for many years now, we have our personal accounts there, i moved my mortgage there recently, AND i was planning … Continue reading

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